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So if I understand this debate on the Crystal Gems being “people of color”…

It’s more about the Gems being just that, Gems. They’re of a non-binary gender, are sexless, and their race is Crystal Gem. Most of Amethyst’s transformations are either human men or animals, because that’s what form she chooses to take. In the context of the show, their physical forms are only necessary for performing their roles. 

I can also see why people say that they are women of color and that is how they appear in the show. And yes, I think it’s great that the Gems aren’t just carbon copies and each of them have physical diversity among one another. And they also refer to each other and identify as female. The character designers gave them features of other ethnicities. Also, aside from Steven, the main Crystal Gems themselves have non-white, female voice actors. So you do have that representation as you watch the show.

But the Gems do not consider themselves human, and never have in the show. Because they’re just Gems. The only Gem that happens to have a sex and gender is Steven since he is half human. The show itself is not color-blind, nor is it erasing race/ethnicity or gender. It explained how Gem culture works.

Though the show does not make an emphasis on what their race is because it does not drive the plot in any way. The Gems do not have to fulfill a trope/stereotype associated with a race, gender or body type to authenticate their appearance or character. There is no distinction of importance on what race they are within the show. There are no white, brown or black Gems, they are Gems and refer to each other as such in the show. 

TL;DR: I do believe the creators of the show chose what kind of features they wanted each Gem to have, and which voice actor best fits the character based on their appearance. And that is nice to have that visible representation of more than just “white” cast members. The Gems do not discriminate one another based on appearance or ethnicity, they view each other as a collective species/race in the show. The importance is the content of their character and not just their physical appearance.

Though the show does not make an emphasis on what their race is because it does not drive the plot in any way.

The way that Tumblr has reacted, THIS is what they want but considering that they’re not experts on racial issues either, I would hate to see how they would handle this because in the end, I think they would end up making EVERYONE in the show stereotypes despite crying that’s what they’re against.

On the whole VA white-washing in SU thing.

I have a question for all of you.

Someone apparently made a post claiming that Garnet’s VA was whitewashing…despite the VA of Garnet is a BLACK WOMAN.

Now, if we’re going to use the whole argument of ‘unless the VA matches the race of the character, its racist’ argument, riddle me this Tumblr.

Is it racist that Amy (Amethyst. Sorry, I like using that shorthand) ISN’T played by a Black woman? Especially since people are so gleefully excited to code her as Black? Amy is actually voiced by an ASIAN woman so wouldn’t that be racist since the VA does not match up to the race of the character?

Or is it only racist when its convenient for the sake of whatever argument people are trying to make?

I ask this because for many of the characters in the show, their voice actors and actresses don’t line up to whatever race they are and its not like this is the first time EVER in history where actors play a character that is not their race NOR IS THIS A BAD THING. I’m just going to come out and say this; I HATE this rule because its actually limiting to VAs who wanted to play ANYTHING. For example, Kevin Micheal Richardson.

You know this man; the big guy who played Gantu from Lilo and Stitch, Bulkhead from Transformers Prime and a ton of other characters.

His Black…but he’s played characters of various races as well, Why?




THE FUCKING JOKER? (not lying about that. Look up The Batman.)

Or are you going to say that by taking these roles, he was being racist or the show was Whitewashed because HIS race did not match the character he was playing?

OOOOOR is this only a problem when the character in question is White? Because I keep seeing this pattern show up again and again.

The only reason Garnet was considered whitewashed was apparently because the person was not informed that her VA was Black, making it out that in the chance that she WASN’T that was problematic. Or in the case of Pearl, she’s whitewashed because the actress is Asian but Pearl isn’t CODED Asian and everyone boxes her in as being WHITE.

But no outcries from Amethyst, the Black coded gem, being played by an Asian woman and NOT a Black woman who should be the one speaking in all those AAVE terms that Tumblr loves to hump.


Again, the problems only arise when it convenient for the argument, otherwise no one would have anything to complain about. The show isn’t Whitewashing ANYONE, especially since the three main gems are voiced by a Black woman and two Asian women respectively. But seriously, I have NEVER seen a show attacked so much by people who toss around ‘RACISM!!!11’ like water balloons but its not just race that seems to spark an issue with these people. Its ANYTHING.

Did you know someone said it was ‘PROBLEMATIC’ that Pearl be with the others because she was thin and looked White?

How the FUCK does that work or make sense? So no one is allowed to be with whoever they want to based on their race and weight?

Um, aren’t we moving BACKWARDS with that type of logic or am I missing something here?

I know this show isn’t perfect but it does not deserve all this hate that it gets, especially when most of the hate comes from people who don’t even take the time to do the research to see that THE CHARACTER THEY CLAIMED WAS WHITEWASHED WAS PLAYED BY A BLACK WOMAN.

Or are they claiming ‘WHITEWASHING!!!11’ because Garnet doesn’t act in the way they THINK Black women should?

Yeah, this is why CODING is BULLSHIT and racist in itself but oh, lookie here! Tumblr is all up in that shit and being progressive by basing RACE on BEHAVIOR! Get your checklist ready creators because unless you follow the list, you ain’t doing it right!

Fuck this shit. Can’t we just have characters who act as human beings instead of what Tumblr THINKS people of different backgrounds act? This is getting insulting.

Alright, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you've never had to worry about media representation Personally? (Idk correct me if I'm wrong) But for people who do, it feels really great seeing someone who looks like you on the t.v screen. Idk why you people are trying to take that away. The creators made her the way she is just for that reason.


Actually Anon, I would like to correct you. This is a picture of me.

I’m African-American, and I identify as male.


I agree with you, it does feel great to have that visible representation of different races, different orientations/gender identities and different body types on TV. I grew up watching anime, cartoons or movies where there are mainly white protagonists or that one “token black character”. I’m tired of seeing one black character cast as one “type” when I know people of my race are just as multifaceted as white people.

I love Steven Universe and I love what they’ve done with character design. It’s a very diverse show. They have characters of these different ethnic backgrounds and of different body types, and they are still good characters. They don’t have to show stereotypes associated with their physical appearance to make them good characters.

Garnet is one of my favorite characters in Steven Universe and I enjoy every episode where we learn more about her as a leader of the Gems and as a role model to Steven. I love that the creators chose Estelle as her voice actor. I love that her appearance is based on a Black woman. I love that she doesn’t have to be “sassy” or highly sexualized or “ghetto”, or any other stereotype associated with Black women to affirm her appearance. She’s a strong and quiet woman skilled at fighting and  a role model/mother figure to Steven, and most of all the leader of the Crystal Gems.

The point of that post was not to erase ethnic representation in media. I also stated that their physical appearance of the Crystal Gems and even their voice actors are also women of color. What I mentioned is how the context of their show deals with their race. The show has them as Crystal Gems, and from what we know so far, they have no distinctions in gender or race because they view each other as one race.

I am sure that Rebecca Sugar and the character designers for the show knew that they wanted to base the Crystal Gems of various women. There are pictures of the Gem’s pilot designs and initial concepts where Garnet even wore a hijab and when she had straight hair. I’m prety sure that they wanted to have a diverse cast of Crystal Gems so that everyone could see these representations of their own ethnicity.

What I stated was that the Gems didn’t have any racial distinctions among themselves in the show because they are just Crystal Gems. That does not erase the representation of our own ethnicity.

This post is beautiful and I love it that yet again someone had to make clear they are Black just because they had a differing opinion on Tumblr. Jesus christ, you don’t agree with the topic of the day you MUST be evil white cis-het male!

But getting back on the main issue of the post, everything said about Garnet being awesome here YES. And just a question, are their any other links to really really OLD concept drawings of the Gem crew? I would LOVE to see them if there are links.



Hey, white Steven Universe fans. These are all the POC in the cast of Steven Universe. You notice how 3 of the 4 leads are WOC? Or how this is more than 2/3 of the extended cast of the show? Representation matters. Trying to litigate the racial background of these characters because you want to identify with them as white is fucking shitty. Stop it. White people are massively over-represented in TV shows and movies. We don’t need to steal back characters whose creators have deliberated coded as non-white.

Well, Lars is a complete pervy douchebag so, he’s probably white,

So we can base a character’s race on their behavior?

That doesn’t sound stupid at all.

I just read a post that said that it is racist that Garnet voice actor is not black and that it is white washing the character. WTF!? Garnet is not even human. How can she have a human race?


….but Garnet’s voice actress is black!  

What the fuck are these sad chucklefucks queefing about today 

I want to see this post because I know the responses will be HILARIOUS.


Whoopy Beatriz Laurenco by Amanda Berens



Here is Fulgor, young prince of planet Paprika and Sidera's soulmate.On Paprika everything is about fur, fur and FUR AGAIN!!

(actor Kyan Khojandi on the last picture)

He reminds me of Starfire’s brother from the original Teen Titans comics, was he an inspiration?

Also I so want to cosplay as him 

*eyes explodes*




((Last one for the night so I can get started on the other pictures I promised…
Hidden Character skin for Taffyta based on a rather OLD Tobikomi series in which, ahem, our little racer MIGHT be a shout-out for?
Who knows but there might be a reason why she looks all rough and tumbled.))



((Last one for the night so I can get started on the other pictures I promised…

Hidden Character skin for Taffyta based on a rather OLD Tobikomi series in which, ahem, our little racer MIGHT be a shout-out for?

Who knows but there might be a reason why she looks all rough and tumbled.))



I have a personal problem with the Frozen cameos in Big Hero 6. It’s bad enough Frozen is in every award show with an animated movie category, taking over Disney theme parks and stores, and have cover after cover of Let It Go. People will focus more on the cameos than the actual movie. We have enough with Frozen as is. 

I am going to admit this now.

I enjoyed Frozen….but the uber saturation of it just bores me. Its starting to bore me like Cars to the point where yu get tired of seeing it yet even with Disney trying to market all its other movies, you never see those other movies they said they were going t market.

But whatever. Its what sells and what’s popular. I don’t have a PROBLEM with Frozen make a cameo because hey, Disney movies make cameoes in each other ALL THE TIME but for the sake of confessing something, while I do like Frozen I’m just tired of it. I liked the story, but its not my favorite Disney film.

I’m about to be hunted down, aren’t I?

Just a thought on the Asian women with streak hair thing…

If someone drew a humanized Twilight who was Japanese or Chinese, would that be racist since Twi has THREE different shades in her hair and would indeed come out in streaks.

Its a coolness factor thing.

Also, wasn’t Juniper-Lee’s hair also WHITE at some point before it was pink? I haven’t watched episodes in years but I do remember seeing her with longer hair that had a WHITE streak before the pink came in.