Allow Me to Crawl From My Corner of Shame

Being kawaii with tommy wiseau



Being kawaii with tommy wiseau



cutie constellation socks by sock it to me $11.75:


cutie constellation socks by sock it to me $11.75:


I’m also a little in love with the wheelchair pony…

I have a character that acts like him….but his name is kinda plain. Its just CHRIS.


why do people have like 74973 different names for these



Aurgh, I’m going to watch The Critic again and do some color work to calm myself down…..
I’m just going to say this….

I hate what happened last night. It proved my point that a lot of people on this site tend to sway on issues depending on the matter of the cause and how good it makes them feel, despite the fact that what they are cheering for is actually the same damn thing they are fighting against.

I try to be a nice person, I try to be a POSITIVE person but for fucks sake if there is one thing I can’t stand is someone blowing something that COULD have been wonderful into such a massive shit storm that all well meanings are lost in the flood of shit.

My fucking god, never on Tumblr have I seen such a massive amount of hate spewing over ONE THING since Frozen and even that was tame compared to all this. At least the with Frozen shit, people weren’t being thrown fucking DEATH THREATS.

The fuck is wrong with you people? What the fuck do you think DEATH THREATS are going to do to strengthen you, other than make you look like a supreme coward.

Its things like this that make me wonder if its even worth drawing social themed art, especially if people are going to act like THAT and steal my work to take credit for their own botched edits.















(original by Flikkerlicht. I like my versions best ;) )

If your plan is to bully me with a shitty little bat like that then bring it the fuck on.  I’ll fight you.

Can’t even KEEP UP with my moves, honey.

This is the kind of shit that gives Westboro credence.

^ But anti-SJs aren’t invested in protecting Whiteness and keeping bigotry acceptable. Look at this logic. Holy shit.

Keep in mind the original graphics were literally alluding to sicking dogs on women to maul them for being the “wrong kind of Feminist” and ol’ girl with the Bat was there to protect cis people from “Bullying” (LMAO)

Switch it up and now there’s a problem. Aint that neat?

Feast on these tears. These pieces of shit were bout it for the other graphics, by the way.

wow, yes, reasonable people (obviously you don’t count as one) are actually against bigotry and find it rather unappealing when positive messages are edited to propagate bigotry further.

lol at “protecting whiteness”. what the shit are you even talking about.

White people be like “BAAAWH SHUT UP ABOUT RACE” until somebody hurts their feelings lololololololol kiss the darkest part of my ass you little shit.


I’m a Jew, but then again, black racial supremacists are usually anti-semites so I’m not surprised.

I’m actually also Jewish by heritage. Multiracial Black folks is just full of surprises, eh? You tried it.

But lets’ address “Black supremacists”!


Get your spineless, passive aggressive racism the fuck outta here you scumbag. Thank you, again for proving my point time and time again about Anti-SJs just being invested in protecting and upholding whtieness.

It’s all fun, games and “opinions” until somebody stops gargling a white person’s balls. I’m sorry thats “Social justice” isnt it?

Anti-SJWs are nothing but a fucking reactionary piece of shit embarrassment to humanity and there’s a reason 99.9% of you are whiny, privileged White teenagers. Time and time again I reveal your real issue: Minorities getting too UPPITY.

…But I mean I’ve never actually heard about cis people getting bullied for being ever so at least it’s not actually happening.

cis people don’t get bullied

they get their feelings hurt on tumblr because someone is venting and then they decide they are suddenly on par with what oppressed groups experience on a daily basis in real life

and it’s just like


SJWs stealing other people’s artwork that was meant to put a good message, defacing it to push their agenda of hatred, spitefulness and bullying. Sorry but this is one of the fucking lowest things anyone on this tumblr has done. How fucking dare you steal someone else’s artwork? if you really must be a whiny little chode who uses tumblr to be the bully they always wanted to be, at least make your own fucking artwork, or commission the many Die Cis Scum art school dropouts on here to make it for you if you are too lazy and talentless to do it yourself. Don’t steal artwork, you absolute piece of shit. “cis people don’t get bullied” Nice to know less then one percent of the human population gets bullied. Homophobia isn’t real, only transphobia does. Gaybashing does not exist and has never happened to a gay cis man or woman ever, Matthew Shepard never existed. Racism only matters if it happens to trans, if it happens to a cis black man or a cis asian woman it does not matter and never existed. But you’re the type of cunt who feels its okay to steal other people’s artwork and shit all over it out of spite. I don’t think you can call anyone disposable, when it’s clear you lack any artistic talent, morality or intelligence. It’s obvious you have nothing to offer the world or make it a better place: you just want to sit in your corner and scream at people.

Of course Tumblr slactivists would steal artwork and edit it to promote their agenda. This doesn’t surprise me they would do this.

P.S. Himteckerjam’s posts read like a MRA’s strawman of a feminist almost exactly. 

"cis people don’t get bullied"

Hey, every cis lesbian and gay person out there that has been bullied by homophobes, you weren’t actually being bullied!

Hey, every black cis person out there that has been attacked and bullied by racists, you weren’t actually bullied because cis people can’t be bullied!

It doesn’t make so much sense anymore, does it? You cannot sit there and say, “cis people aren’t bullied” and ignore those that are bullied for their sexuality and their race who also happen to be cis.

I’m just bothered by the fact that people can point out the flaws in these stickers but then turn around and act like there is nothing wrong with making products that say “kill all men’, something that DOES OPENLY state violence upon someone else as a form of empowerment.

What the fuck happened to SELF-PRIDE without the need of shouting for the death of others? Last time I checked, weren’t we trying to ABOLISH that type of mentality because it DID lead to the deaths of people?

Or does it not matter any more? We just don’t care do we?

And I would suggest that people see the ORIGINAL designs and not the edits that have been going around. For a bunch of people who state that editing is a crime, they SUUUUURE do love to edit things but only when it matters to them.

Why can’t wejust have nice things without evryone poking and proding it to find something problematic about it. I would rather wear a shirt that truly encompasses the idea of equality/anti-bullying/self-confidence in yourself over something that requires that someone who is NOT me e and hasn’t done anything to offend me feel like shit. Seriously, I already know what this second-hand blame shit feels llike and I wouldn’t out it on anyone else because it feels shitty.


I think that last post made me realize that some ‘social experiments’ are just shitty attempts that fuck with people more than prove a point

Like I said, I’ve been in that boat before when it comes to anticipating jobs. Fuck, I’m STILL in that boat so to have something like THAT happen to me would piss me the fuck off.

All that to explain that motherhood is ‘shitty’ I guess.

So let me break this down to you all to explain why that ‘joke’ was shit;

1) You’re a student/post grad looking for work. You haven’t been able to find anything for MONTHS and you see this.

2) You put in the application and wait for the response. You get the response.

3) You prepare yourself for everything. You follow every rule that has been told to you in order to look presentable for the interview.

4) You go to the interview, sit through everything and listen.

5) Just when it seems like you have the job.


So in the end, the only thing you got was wasted time and you’re still jobless.


If I wanted someone to tell me that motherhood (or parenthood for that matter) is tough, I would actually ask a MOTHER, like my own who has told me about parenthood throughout my life. At least that way, I’ve gotten a more honest and truthful reply and I didn’t waste my time getting my hopes up for a non-existent job meaning I am still broke and jobless.

Fuck that noise.





Watch it in video

Ok I love this. As a mother people seriously DO NOT understand HOW hard it is. There are NO breaks, NO pay, and your bosses scream in your face, and puke & poo on you constantly. & that bitch laughing at the end… Don’t fucking laugh.. it’s the truth.

I hate to be that person but if it’s that hard why do you do it??

Okay but they took time away from those jobless people to prove a point, some of them might be moms themselves and they had to do a lot of juggling to make it to the interview, I get the message and it’s funny but those people were anticipating an actual chance at a job which is about as harsh a prank as those ones that involve a janitor having to mop up for an hour afterwards or people doing silly things at the drive thru.


Which is why I don’t really find it THAT funny because you said it right there; why fuck with people who are really anticipating a job, especially if they’ve been waiting so long for a real interview.

I guess I feel this way because I’m in that boat of CONSTANTLY looking for jobs and going to interviews but always coming up empty. I just realized that if this had been pulled on me I would be pissed off to hell because not only was my time wasted to make a ‘point’ but in the end, I still would have nothing.

This is why I don’t like a handful of these experiments because most of the time, they’re pulled on people who are already in a crap situation. They don’t need to be pulled into a situation to prove a point that a lot of people are already well aware of. There HAS to be a better way of showing off how mothers are looked down upon and how they don’t get respect than TAKING PEOPLE WHO ARE DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR WORK TO MAKE THEIR OWN ENDS MEET AND GO ‘WHOOP! THIS WAS THE MESSAGE!’

I mean seriously, unless these assholes are going to give EVERYONE they pulled this on work, then they are a bunch of douches so fuck their message and fuck their experiment or whatever the hell this was supposed to be.

I want to slap whoever thought this was a good idea because clearly these people WANTED work. Some of them probably NEED the work and then to have this pulled on them. I feel more sorry for the applicants.